The New Man

I hate to say this but the ERA has ruined men.  While our mothers and grandmothers spent the 60ies and 70ies daring to break away and educate themselves, get better paying jobs, garnering the respect of future generation of women, the men got stunted.  So while we are reaping the benefits of their struggle (2010 is the first year where women are out earning their male counter parts) we are also experiencing the repercussions.

Starting in the late 70ies there became a sharp rise in single motherhood.  As a daughter raised by a strong single mother, I realized YES!!! I can do it all!!! Educate myself, get a good job support myself and any other tax deductions that come along, and do this all with style and flair and maintain who I am.  I do NOT need a man to complete me and neither did my mom or grandma.  But what about the boys raised in all this pro-woman hoopla?  Well statistic show a decrease in males A.  Graduating college B. Proceeding to post-graduate degrees and C. Qualifying and applying for up-wardly mobile jobs.   My theory borrowed from others, is that these men have spent there whole lives watching strong women getting things done and doing things for their family ei: them, and this has some how stunted their emotional/psychological/ self-awareness growth and we are stuck with generations of white tennis shoe wearing man/children, who have for their whole lives been catered to by their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and even female cousins and now expect the women they date to do it as well.  It’s like they’ve lost the man gene.

How does this translate into my dating life….NOT WELL!  These new modern men don’t put in any effort and expect all the rewards.  They won’t pick you up, always suggesting that we’ll meet there, they won’t pay for dinner/activities, we’ll go dutch, then it’s not a real date, and they won’t open doors, hold out chairs or treated with the respect a lady deserves, because we are all now equal.  With as little work as these new men do, they expect to be able to roll around naked on top of you, here’s the kicker they actually expect you to initiate that as well, because they DON”T know what to do with a real woman….lazy assholes.  No wonder more and more women are choosing take out, true blood a warm bath and Buzz on a Saturday night.

Here I am a Lush rolling field of feminine sensuality, in the prime of my life and it’s all being WASTED, on guys that won’t talk to you unless they’re drunk, douche bags that think if they treat you poorly that you’ll come a running, or pansy ass guys who are just afraid.  They all need to dust off their testicles and become Men.  If you are any of these guys and you want to meet a real woman then you’ll need to 1. Talk to us 2.  Ask us for our number 3. Use it to ask us out 4. Pick us up on time 5. feed us 6. Entertain us, and if you do all of these things, well and treat us with respect then 7. kiss us and you will be surprised at what could happen


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